Why Do Groups Form?

I study this incredible occurrence because it is part of my essence. I am a trial lawyer and it is ultimately a group that decides my client’s destiny. I need to know as much about this as I can know.

I have come to the realization that groups are gonna form,, no matter what. It amazes me that in jury selection,, maybe 150 or so people come together just to be a group of 12 or 15. I often wonder if this incredible herding instinct exists in nature,, so I begin to watch the animals that inhabit my little corner of this ball of dirt I call earth.

I notice that the wild hogs run together, until the boars are old enough to go out on their own and then they are pretty much solitude creatures,,, except when the females beckon them in with their hormones. It is also true for cows and bulls,, but dogs seem to stay together as a pack.

I notice in the human world that most women wear this smelly stuff called perfume,, and most men wear something called cologne,,, so no one probably could smell any scent anyway. (I doubt that would be a proper question anyway,,, excuse me madam,,, may I smell you?)

So I guess that we are together in a group for some purpose and there will be those who just want to be left alone,, those who want to participate and those who want to destroy the group’s purpose.

Now in the beginning it is true that all people generally have respect for the Judge,, whether it be out of fear, respect or just something to listen to. I often wonder when do groups start their formation?

I mean,, think about it,,, you’re called down to a room with a whole bunch of others and you kinda dread going there,,, but you show up. Now as you get there,,, anxiety is present and people are mingling about,, some worrying about their jobs,, their spouses,, their children,, their _________,, but in all likelihood, they are not worrying about your client’s case like your client or you do.

From that initial meeting of the masses,, there begin groups. Sometimes,, you have loners,, sometimes you have leaders,, followers,, cutups,, those ones that are serious and those who have their mind on other things.

So how does this group of individuals form into the group giving justice to your client? Generally,, I suppose that it is the initial comments that the Judge makes getting these various “individuals” together. I suppose the respect for him or her or respect for the office,,, begins the process of group formation with the specific purpose of judgment in mind.

Once this process starts, I believe the dynamics of group formation with a specific purpose of judgment begins in earnest. This automatic response to those who wear a robe,,, gathers the attention of even those who really, really, really don’t want to be there in the first place. It’s kinda like a rules of the road involuntary response.

Anyway,, I will post on this subject more as I go,,, but does your lawyer have a conscious awareness of group formation? I really, really hope so just for your sake. Have a nice day,, I off to do more group formation studies.


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