Taking It With You

I’ve come to the realization that I’m not going to be able to take it with me,,, whatever “it” means and whatever “take it with me” means. I think it is something like this,,, I will one day,, as does everyone I know,,, eventually journey from this great big ball of dirt I call earth,, to another place.

I like to think that somehow,,, your essence remains,,, but your physical body perishes. My experience with alcohol and drugs was that if my mind didn’t need my body for transportation,,, my body would have been gone a long time ago. End of story.

But as I write this rambling bunch of arbitrary words today,,, I realize that my body is necessary in order for my mind to word and my mind is necessary in order that my body work. But that still doesn’t escape the ultimate realization that at some point in time and some location,,, I can’t take anything with me.

So I’m wondering,,,, just exactly what can I do without? I mean I need my phone,, right? I need my inter net, right? I probably need my collection of firearms,, right? I need my ammo collection. I need a good book or two to read, right? I need some food, right? Some water,, some transportation,, some companionship,, some writing utensils,,, some clothes,, some money,, and maybe a few items more.

I guess I’m saying,, I really can’t bring myself to leave much behind as I go on my journey to wherever,,, but I’m sure I can’t take it with me. Perhaps,,, I will only take my rambling thoughts and uniqueness with me and maybe leave this great big ball of dirt I call earth a better place. Is your lawyer making this ball of dirt a better place for those that come later?


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