Life Before,,, Life After,,, and Life During

It’s kinda fucking amazing that it has been just over a year since I got back from the most incredible journey I’ve ever taken,, and I must say,,, things have definitely changed.

I can’t say that the world is different,, or that some great cosmic force (aliens with their probes) have asserted influence over me,,, but what I can say is this,,, I’ve changed.

As I publish this post,, I guess I’m about to be boarding a plane for Wyoming for an incredible reunion with those who are now what I call the tribe I belong to and with whom I’m finally feel like a part of something.

I see so much more clearly now,, its not even funny. I see the great sufferings of injustice and hear the cries of many in their own quest for justice,,, and realize that I must choose very carefully the battles I will undertake.

I undertake those battles not of fortune,, not of fame,, but those that shape the future of our children,,, those that determine the course of action of our country and occasionally,,, those that pay the banker.

To be in the moment is the most incredible journey of your lifetime,,, won’t you join me?


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