Learning Law Again

It’s that time of year,,, time to learn law again. I’m in my studying mode and what I’m learning about is me. How does learning about me affect my law business? I’ll tell ya,,, I can’t be worth a crap as a trial lawyer,, if I don’t work on me. If I sit in front of a wall all my life and meditate long enough,,, the fucking wall still won’t move.

There’s a little know thing called action,,, it’s what we all must do if we are to expect any results. The action I’m taking is learning about me,, plain and simple. I’m discovering more and more about me as I move through this time I spend awake on this great big ball of dirt I call earth,, and what I see is amazing.

I see me. Yep,, that’s what I see. So how does this psycho crap help me practice and learn law? You see, I’m a trial lawyer,,, that’s what I am. I am constantly trying to remain in the moment so that I can hear what is really being said,, see what is really being shown and feel what is true.

It is often said,,, (at least by me) that the greatest thing anyone can ever do is truly just be present. Is your lawyer truly present,,, or is he or she constantly checking his or her watch,, messages or computer? Have a nice day,,, and remember to just be present.


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