Modifying The Constitution For Denying Rights Is How Fascism Starts

I borrowed this quote from someone who keeps borrowing my cows,,, but it is true. I have seen several things in my time on this great big ball of dirt I call earth,,, but none more disgusting than when a “select” few ruin the lives of millions for their own profit.

I can not understand it,,, we spend billions and billions killing innocent children and mothers of those who we’ve never met in the name of religion,,, (I’m sorry national security),, same fucking difference,,, but we can’t spend a fucking dime on national insurance for those that need it.

I listen to all the fucking bitching about how horrible national health care will make the country and yet,,, isn’t that what we have in medicare or medicaid? It’s just a “select” few who will loose out if we go to a national health care system.

I understand those who have “congressional” health insurance plans won’t want to lose their benefits,,, but what about others? Those that bitch the loudest are often the ones who are getting government aid in other forms and then complain about “those” lazy poor folk in the inner city,, who do nothing but smoke crack all the fucking time,,, getting free health care.

So if changing the constitution denying rights is how fascism starts,,, what happens if you modify the constitution to help more people,, is that how love starts?

Have a nice day and remember to support the innocent killing of women, children and others you have never met,, just because the corporate overlord strikes fear into your very soul with “fair and balanced” reporting and the constitution has been modified by those in power (homeland security) to deny the rights of millions we have never met before. Gosh what a terrible way to end a blog post. Maybe your “lawyer” could help those in need with love,, instead of trying to do so much hurt.


One Response to “Modifying The Constitution For Denying Rights Is How Fascism Starts”

  1. Jan Logsdon Says:

    I couldn’t agree more. Keep on with the TLC. It brings out the real you.

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