Wedding Ceremony

Well,, I set foot into the church and I didn’t turn to stone,, didn’t have hell freeze over and didn’t have all the priests come over holding bibles and throwing holy water on me.

I guess I survived,, although the priest that presided over the ceremony,, maybe should have said some Latin phrases to make it official,, but didn’t. It was a beautiful ceremony and I must tell you the bride’s dress was gorgeous. One thing I noticed was the amount of estrogen that completely surged off the charts at the wedding,,, incredible.

At the reception,, the usual happened,,, a lot of dancing and not too much drinking,,, but some occurred none the less. I take it the bride and groom will live happily ever after. I feel the love and the energy is tremendous between them,, so best of luck,,, bride and groom.

Anyway,,, I’m off to Wyoming this morning and really excited,,, it’s kinda like the bride and groom beginning a new life,,, that’s what I do every time I go to Wyoming. Does your lawyer begin a new life every so often,, or is he or she very predictible and easily defeated in battle?


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