Wedding Crashers

If you remember the movie wedding crashers,, well,, that’s what I feel like today. I am in Dallas and going to a wedding of a good friend of mine and his bride and I’ve actually been invited to the wedding.

Now normally, I don’t know much about weddings,, but today I’m gonna have fun. I just hope they remembered to put me next to some female company. I suppose that I’ll have to dance,, eat and do all that stuff,, but I guess I should warn them that not all weddings are forever.

I sense that they are a good couple together and will fit for a lifetime,, but you know,, that’s kinda what I thought when I waited so long to get married. Maybe the plans you make as you go into the arena are perfect and the opponent will loose,, but sometimes,, stuff happens and you must learn to respond,, never react.

Can your lawyer respond to undisclosed witnesses,, or new expert reports, just recently discovered,,, or will he react? Have a nice day and happy “lawyering.”


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