Ah,, Fuck,,, Moles Came Back Bad

Well,, I’ve sure as hell have done more than a hell of a lot of people on this ball of dirt I call earth in my time,,, but how is it fucking possible that a little spec of skin can cause so much fucking fear?

I’ve been told that it is a simple procedure to cut the rest of the moles out and I’ll be okay,,, hummm, I wonder if that’s what they say to those who are losing their fucking organs,, but I guess I don’t have a choice.

It’s time to trust those who have the training in what they do,,, in surgery,,, yea sawbones,,, go ahead and cut the fuck outta me,,, I guess I’ll be okay. Up to this time in my life,,, I’ve felt pretty fucking invincible,,, I mean,, I survived that heart scare with a procedure that is best described as a roto-router of my arteries leading into my heart.

I survived those mini strokes,,, so what the hell is a little cutting? Just get the stuff completely cut out of me. I really don’t like to think about this feeling and I’m told by those who know,,, (or at least collect the fucking insurance payments) that everything is gonna be just fine.

I guess what that means is that young doc sawbones will be able to completely refurnish his house and put his kids through college offa me. Oh well,, it has to be done.

I guess there are those who sacrifice goats and other animals to something to try and show allegiance to their beliefs in order to guarantee the outcome. There are those who pray to their God in order to be forgiven for their sins and have the operation go okay. I even guess that there are those who just accept,,, and are happy that they have lived their lives. On and on the list goes of ways to have this invisible power of faith help them through their times of trouble,,,, so,,,

I suppose that if I watch that efernal boob tube on those telemarketing channels brought to you by the folks who bring you God (for $49.99),, I’ll learn that I have sinned,, (no shit) and because of my sins (probably playing doctor at age 6 with the next door neighbor or whatever they may invent as a reason to “purify” me) and if I give enough money to them to be shown the correct and only path to righteousness,,, I’ll be cured. Thanks, but I’ll donate to young doc sawbones’ retirement fund instead.

I say this to all who happen to read this rambling scattering of arbitrary words written in cyberspace,,, sometimes,, you gotta trust those who are trained,,,, sometimes you just gotta do it,,,, even if they betray you. So in the end,,, it will either be successful or,,,,

Anyway,, have a nice day and make sure you get checked for skin cancer,,, believe it or not,,, you’re not fucking invincible.


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