Well, Here Goes,,, A New Adventure

I am always getting into new things. Most of the things I get into are law related and directly affect my clients. Why should today be any exception?

I awake a bit later than usual this morning,,, 4:30 A.M., and begin my morning rituals. I let the dogs out,, I check my emails,,, I begin writing my blogs and then it happens.. I realize that I am alone here on the ranch. Complete solitude,,, the dogs and cats and cows are outside and I’m here with my thoughts.

Now normally,, I do not go up in my head unsupervised,,, but today,,, something is different. So I go to the place that always gets me in trouble,,, my head,,, and begin to examine some numbers that trouble me.

It appears that I am spending too much money on things that are not important in life. You know,, insurance, bills, and other crap and I have this ultimate realization that as long as I continue to make my life a struggle,, it always will be one. This revelation is not much enlightenment, but it is enough for me.

I watch the cows and learn a hell of a lot. I have this bull that I watch and I really learn a lot from him. He has one task,,, (you know,, someone gotta do it) and he performs his task regularly. I see his life going something like this,,, eat, eat, occasionally fight some of the other bulls,, reproduce, reproduce, eat, reproduce, reproduce, eat, fight, eat, reproduce, eat, fight, reproduce, etc.

You know,, he doesn’t have to worry about punching a time clock,, insurance, nagging spouse,, or anything like those arbitrary things we decide we must have in order to simplify our lives. So I notice that humans are the only species that attempts to simplify things by gathering possessions that should make our lives easier,, yet we end up as slaves to them in the end.

It doesn’t make much sense. I know we are supposed to be a social creature,, but damn it,, what’s wrong with venturing out only when necessary? I suppose that I can try cases when the government won’t dismiss or my client is injured and no offer,, but do I need to appear in public every day?

So here’s what I’m thinking,,,, and maybe even feeling,,, why in the hell should I leave my solitude to gather with other tribes when I have my tribe here? You know with a new class of warriors graduating from TLC we are adding more and more and more to the mix and shortly,, if not already,,, have become the largest law firm in the nation devoted only to those who can not stand up for themselves,,, so why the fuck go into your world to try and acquire possessions that I ultimately become a slave to?

It makes no fucking sense. Plain and simple. And another thing,,, my time creating my masterpieces is extremely valuable… you want a warrior that will win,,, it costs. If I have to leave my solitude,, my sanctuary to fight your battles and win for you,,, be prepared to pay.

So,, that’s my new adventure (realization),,, have a nice day.


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