Letters To The Editor

I suppose that those who think that if they send a letter to the editor,, they’ve done all they need to do to remedy the situation. I suppose those in power feel a rambling letter written about something that only a very, very, very  few will ever read is sufficient to grant the public access to their medium and allow the voice of democracy to continue.

Bullshit. The law is the only profession that the opinions of those seeking redress for horrific injuries can be truly heard. And the only way they can be heard is to win their case so that others sit up and take notice. The problem is simply this though,,, the redress demanded is often not met and the message is lost forever.

I blame the lawyers. I blame the lawyers for not taking the time to learn their client’s story,, for not taking time to learn about their client and for not taking time to properly prepare for battle. I blame the lawyers for the  message never being heard.

In my time,, I can remember only a few trials, and I’m sure that anyone who lived during the time on this ball of dirt with me,, can remember only a few. I remember OJ. I remember DeLorean,, I remember Patty Hearst,,, I remember a few civil trials and I remember my own speeding ticket trials.

I blame the lawyers for not making the trials great novels,,, not making the trial stories great and not making the act hunger necessary to win every trial.

So in your quest to win your trial,,, make damn sure your warrior is a graduate of TLC.


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