Wow,, How’d It Go?

That one question is a question that many, many, many people have been asked before.  How did it go for you? How did your attorney do for you? Did you win? Are you happy with the results? I begin to see that question being asked over and over and over again across the land and quite frankly,,, the answers are very, very disappointing.

The clients I talk with are very, very upset with their situation and simply want justice,, plain and simple.  Occasionally a blind pig finds an acorn and maybe the last experience you’ve had with your “lawyer” is a good one,,, but what about the next one?

So does your “lawyer” take the time to really know you and your case,, or is it just another case and only rent money to them? I would hope that those who have immense talent would be taking cases that send messages for generations to come,,, not just paying the rent. I would hope that those warriors who are great,, would be shaping the future for others.

Does your “lawyer” have the ability to shape the future for others? If so,, will he or she do it in your case? I have only a small bit of advice,, but it is the most valuable I can give,,, make damn sure your warrior graduated from TLC and if you are ever faced with going against a TLC graduate,,, you’d better fucking settle the case for what they want. Have a nice day and happy destiny.


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