I Had 3 Moles Removed The Other Day

I went to the skin doctor to get checked over for I think I’m not the only one who has a fear of cancer. I have always been in the sun and never have used sun-screen,, but I guess I’m just one of the lucky ones,,, (or one of the extremely stupid ones). Anyway,, I walk into this office and there are a tremendous amount of very friendly, upbeat people who are enjoying working for their boss.

I do not know what to expect,, but I am a little concerned when I begin filling out the mountain of paperwork, (it asks for next of kin and that always makes me a bit nervous). I decide I am in competent hands and begin asking questions of the rather funny person behind the bulletproof glass. The conversation goes something like this;

“Do I have time to go get a drink of water,, before you operate?”,, Yes,, she replies. I then ask if there is a steak house near by that I can eat at?,,, Why she asks,, kinda like your last meal,, maybe? I tell her I’m a highly sensitive guy and she says well, perhaps the procedure will allow some pain numbing medicine,,, but of course,, it’s extra. Hum mm,, I think as I leave to go to the bathroom. When I come back,, I accidentally locked the office door on my way out and had to knock to get back in. I told them I had gotten better insurance that actually pays,,, and they let me back in.

Anyway,,, the exam went okay and the moles were removed. I also learned that some bumps I have are nothing and I picked up a few age spots here and there. I was surprised to meet the doctor,,, hell,, I have a dog older than him,,, but he really was thorough and very competent in what he does. The moles were removed and I then left the exam room.

Anyway,,, overall,, it is a very pleasant experience going to a doctor who has such a wonderful caring funny staff,,, maybe Patch Adams is right. What better way to meet the fear of cancer head on than with laughter?

As I leave,, I can’t help but wonder what if I did not have insurance? I will await the results,, but I think I’m okay, Have a nice worry free day and remember to laugh.


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