To The Moon and Beyond

You know,, if you have kids,, I believe that is one saying that some character named,, Buzz Lightyear keeps saying. I may be wrong about that,,, but I think that’s correct. Anyway,, I write this headline because we all have a little Buzz in all of us.

We all have those childlike qualities that make us who we are and make us endearing to those around. In nature,, I watch animals just play and play and play. I never see them punching a time clock,, I see them not in business suits,, not in meetings all day long,,, but just being,,, just playing.

So when is the last time you just played? I don’t mean with kids or with toys,,, I mean just by yourself,,, (I was very careful in choosing my words there),,, and enjoying life for the dreams you have?

I ask as you travel through the day,, week or month,,, whether you still dream? Do you dream your heart’s desire,, or do you make tasks for the new corporate overlord? Do you know laughter,, or do you know only random meaningless tasks? Do you think your tasks you perform on a daily basis will make you complete and immortal? Or do you dream the tonic of life?

I say,,, play. Throw away the corporate overlord’s task book and play. Just play. What if Patch Adams is right?

Have a nice day and remember to play.


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