Wyoming,, Here I Come

Vacation letter is filed,,, plane reservations are made,,, bills aren’t paid yet,, but will be,, and it’s time for my pilgrimage to my mecca,,, Wyoming. I go to learn about me,, to my retreat where I can become a better person and so much better of a “lawyer”. I go because I must,,, it calls me.

I will visit members of my tribe,, all TLC warriors who have graduated and who desire to learn about themselves and learn about being a great warrior. I do not know of other organizations that in the legal profession that operate the way TLC does. I have never been a part of something this close,, something that binds the common thread of humanity together for one single purpose,,, to stand up for those who can’t,, to stand against the powerful and oppressive.

I am soon to be in my home away from home,, in Wyoming among the greatest warriors I’ve ever met. If you ever, ever, ever have to go to court,, make damn sure your “lawyer” is a TLC graduate,,, otherwise,, well,, best of luck to ya.

I’ve said what I need to say in this post,,, in the next few days,, I will have done what other writers do,, I have written my posts ahead of time so that they will be posted daily. I have no Internet nor phone service in Wyoming,,, just the incredible power of love.

Have a nice day and I hope in your life,,, you get your “Wyoming”.


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