So Could TLC Methods Be Applied To Other Professions?

I suppose that I wonder about this very question,, and I need to write about it and then share how I feel about it,, so here goes. I am discovering that my experience in TLC has altered my very existence in life. It changes everything,,, how I respond,,, not react,,, how I think,,, how I question things. On and on the list goes,,, until I begin to realize that awakening is not just limited to trial lawyers,,, it applies to everything.

So what happens in my journey,, if say,,, I wanted to be something else besides a trial lawyer? What if I want to be a ________? It is possible to do anything in life,, if you are not afraid to fail,,, or for that matter to succeed. I mean I can cross any river,,, or I can go around it if I choose,,, but it is not an option just to sit anymore.

I probably will never climb Mount Everest,, at least while I’m awake,,, but I can try if I really want. I can apply what I learn daily to just about anything in the world and make it a better place. Some simple tools,, like asking what do you need,, or being able to discover the newness of things,, will benefit me as I journey into the unknown. There’s a hell of a lot to be said for just being present.

Anyway,,, I’ve always wanted to ____________,, so I’ll do it and apply TLC methods to it. Will your “lawyer” apply TLC to your case? Have a nice day and remember to do something nice just for yourself today,,, you really deserve it.


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