So,, I also Give Myself Permission To Succeed

Well, I’ve started this crap,, so I’d better finish it properly. A hell of a lot of people have this incredible self sabotage that says,,,, “I can never be successful”,, or words to that effect. It is,, I suppose the “experts” say,,, “fear of success”. I say bullshit . If you can fail,, you can succeed. It’s kinda like climbing a ladder,,, you got on it,, now get the fuck up there and don’t fall off.

I guess many of these fears stem from childhood,,, parents, siblings,, teachers,, someone telling us we can’t do this or that,,, maybe so,,, but can I at least try? Over the years,, we simply forget to try for fear that we might succeed. It kinda goes hand in hand like this,,, I worthless,, I’m no good,, (I’m beating the shit outta myself,, because ____________),, so there’s no point in trying to do something,,, I might succeed,, but everyone tells me I’ll fail.

How terrible to live that way,,, living for approval or believing what “others” might say,,,, why not live for yourself? Why not believe in yourself?

That all sounds great,,, but how? You first might want to get rid of that efernal boob tube,, (TV).  Wouldn’t it be terrible if we had a world of self thinkers? No fair and balanced talk heads being screamed at us 24 / 7? Only us,,, allowing us to be who we are.

What new ballerina,, what new lawyer,,, what new artist would we find out there? Give yourself a chance to succeed. Does you “lawyer” give him or herself permission to succeed?


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