I Give Myself Permission To Fail and Just Be Average

You know,, one of the greatest things I’ve learned ever is that its okay to fail and just be average. The truth of the matter is this,, I’m not gonna hit a home run every time I go to bat,, sometimes I’ll strike out,, but if I’m available and present,,, I’m in the greatest game ever,, life.

Life means there is no script,, it is being present in today this moment. If I tell you the truth,, I have accomplished many, many, many years ago what I,, in my little child-like mind,, set out to accomplish when I was 5 or so. I decided like many children that I was going to be a professional baseball player,, a 5 star general,, a movie actor and whatever else I wanted to be.

Along the way,, I discovered alcohol and drugs and guess what,,, I never became a 5 star general or professional ball player. But it is also true that when I was 5,,, I knew I wanted to become a lawyer and a rancher and live in Texas.. I’ve done that. It is also true that I am able to keep my alcoholism and drug addition at bay through daily work,,, and I’ll tell you this little known fact,,, inside each of us there is a ballerina,, an artist and a perfect wonderful human being,,, regardless of what others may think.

It is a damn shame that so many people go through life never knowing about themselves,,, never discovering who or what they are,,, because therein lies the true beauty. There was a time in my life when most,, if not all people thought I was a drunk,,, once I accepted that fact and began working on me,,, well,,, I discovered myself and who I am.

A life with alcohol or drugs is not a life at all,,, it is an illusion. It is the same illusion that those who really don’t know themselves live on a daily basis. Those that “think” their life means only work,, or image,,, are in a world that is full of traps,,, if you never get to know yourself honestly,,, then how can anyone else?

I’m just saying,,, if you never live your own life,,, how will you ever create that masterpiece? If you live your live for others and deny yourself,,, how will you ever be known? You see,, I’ve given myself permission to fail and just be average,,, have you?

There’s a new revolution beginning,,, a new class of warriors,,, welcome to the world,, class of 2009 TLC. If you need a lawyer,,, make damn sure he or she is a graduate of TLC.


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