Saturday at the Ranch

Well, it’s Saturday here at the ranch and it’s time as always to do something. I consider what I do important,, others, including the dogs, may not. I get up and check my emails to see which new adventure I’m going on today and then drink my coffee. I generally get set to write my blogs and begin to see how the day will unfold.

As I begin this day, I notice that Baby is limping and really, really wants to sleep and not play. That’s okay, but I’ll keep an eye on him in case he is really hurt. I see that the cows are up at the tanks and the bulldozer needs a new steering clutch put on it,, so that’s what I will do today.

I really am facing a writers block this morning as I can’t just seem to get going. I have several new ideas on my mind and they require hours of work,, but I have only 14 days until I go to Wyoming for the rest of the month of August. I can’t wait,,, to see old friends again,, to meet new friends is all life is about.

Shared experiences in life makes every life valuable, unique and the emotions felt by us and others is how we as human beings bond. We do not bond because we may happen to belong to the same political party, farternity (yes I know I spelled that properly) or because we are destined to be family,,, we bond and grow because we share common human emotions and experiences.

I really want to enjoy as many common experiences and shared emotions as I can with other people,, so that’s what I’m going to do. Life,, look out,,, here I come to share emotions and experience. It helps make me a better person and a better trial attorney. I hope your “lawyer” knows how to share the experiences and emotions in life that make him or her a better “lawyer” just for you. Have a nice day,,, I’m off to play / work .


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