3:33 A.M.,, Houston Time

It’s just like any other place where you lay your head when the big ball of fire in the sky travels below the horizon,,, you sleep, you eat and you eventually wake up. I drove so many, many miles yesterday,., that I’m just taking it easy today,, but I still get up so very early.

I don’t know why,, but I do anyway. I guess you can take the lawyer out of the country,, but you can’t take the country out of the lawyer.

So in this village we call Houston,, this morning is quiet,,, the birds aren’t awake yet,, but soon will be to begin their morning ritual of talking to the 18 wheelers that go whizzing by. I will hear the city employees begin to collect the trash and slowly,, this village comes awake.

Instead of the animals waking the city,, the city pretty much wakes up the animals with its assorted noises and begins its life anew. So what will happen today in this village? I suspect 99 % or more of the inhabitants will wake up and begin anew their chase for happiness,, never realizing their chase ultimately kills them.

A good number of its citizens will be running late for an arbitrary appointment with the time clock and then spill coffee or other narcotics on themselves,, just trying to wait until the magic hour of 5:00 P.M., when they think they are free of the corporate overlord until Monday. They will count their pile of paper and call it money for their life.  They trade their lives for a pile of paper,, never knowing the secret isn’t in money,,, its within themselves,, they just don’t bother to look.

A number of these citizens will awaken to the sounds of traffic and noise blaring in the rooms telling them they must dress a certain way, or eat a certain food.  They will hear how out of touch the current leaders are,,, and how great the “other” guys are. The citizens will be frightened into thinking that just around the corner,,, the government will raise taxes,, take away its guns and force health care upon them.

Yet the little birds chirping in the trees and the squirrels running madly across the power lines,,, could care less. The big ball of fire that hurts my eyes will rise in the sky and slowly the madness of city life will leave me as I go back to the ranch,, where the cows don’t know the time,, or which political party they belong to. Remember to see the small miracles in your life each day,,, does your lawyer see them?


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