So Here I Am,, In Today

It’s here,, today. Actually, I write this post yesterday because I have to be in Houston this morning and I don’t have time to write when I have to leave the ranch by 4:30 or 5:00 A.M. So isn’t this neat,, writing ahead of the time,, kinda like being able to plan the events before they unfold.

So let’s see how good at predictions I am.

Today, (actually tomorrow) something like this will happen,, there will be a bombing somewhere in the world. Fox News will slam the current administration. It will be hot and dry up here in the country. I’ll go to court and listen to some government employee and damn near fall asleep. There will be a shooting in Houston. There will be a car wreck in Houston. Somebody important will do something stupid that makes the news. The politicians will waste more money. On and on it goes.

Ya know what,,, I’m probably a good predictor of things to happen today (tomorrow).

So there you have it,, how to plan for each day,,, just read that script and you’ll be current.

Now, then,,, what really is important is this,,, the great big ball of fire that hurts my eyes will appear in the sky. The little birds under the eaves will awaken,,, the cows will come to the tank and drink,,, the animals will not give a damn about current events and in all honesty,,, neither will I.

Across the land, a great roar arises,, the eternal call for justice. Awaking the souls of warriors aplenty,, meet the cries of those defiant,, injured,, broken and helpless. Heed not the cries of power and money,,, look into your soul,,, for you,, the defender of those broken and lost,,, make ready for another day in the sun.


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