Brief’s Almost Done,, Now I Can Return

You know, writing a brief takes a hell of a lot out of me. I started very, very, very early yesterday and finished very, very, very late last night. I don’t like to do that,, write for that long in the world of law,, because it clouds my prospective and I begin using terms (words) that “lawyers” use.

I use old dead Latin terms that really mean nothing, but sometimes it seems there were whole paragraphs that were written by those that haven’t had fun for years. I really shouldn’t say that,, because in the “legal” world,, those same paragraphs are what “scholars” call brilliant, but to me,, they seem to be dead.

I notice one thing writing report cards of those who try cases with methods other than what I’ve learned in TLC,,, scene setting is next to nothing and when you think in a legal world and try your case in a legal world,, the jury may be thinking in a practical world.

I read the voir dire (jury selection) and it’s textbook, but it is not the type of voir dire I’d do,, plain and simple. Anyway,, maybe that’s why I had to write this brief,, who knows? All I’m saying is this,, have a nice day and I’m glad to be back among the real living people.


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