Damn It,, Crusty Old Dead Law Brief

Its that time again,,,, time where I have to write a legal brief. For those that don’t know what that means,, it means reading a record,, kinda like a blow  by blow description,,, of a trial that another attorney lost and then trying to write something that makes sense to a group of  Judges who get to decide if the fella had a fair trial or not and if the government proved their case or not.

I really don’t like writing briefs of other attorney’s work,, because I wasn’t there and usually, the other attorneys don’t know squat about setting the scene,,, but I’ll have to do it here. It seems to me in writing a brief for a client who was convicted of a criminal act,, there are 3 things to look at.

1. I’m absolutely innocent.

2. I may be innocent or even guilty,, but you the state, didn’t prove it, or

3. I got to much time for my punishment.

In this brief I’m fixing to write,,, its all about innocence or failure to prove guilt,, not about punishment.

So how do you write a brief that will be interesting to a group of Judges who read the same crap day after day after day? I’ll tell ya,, write the story from the first person standpoint. This case involves drug possession,, so maybe writing the brief from the standpoint of the actual drug might just do it,,, or maybe not.

But I do know one thing,,, this brief will be interesting to read. I don’t know what the day will unfold,,, but in the end,, this brief will be interesting to read and at least,,, it’ll get the Judges’ attention. Have a nice day and happy reading.


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