Oh Crap,, Right Side of Brain Says Make Money,, Left Side Says Don’t Worry

Now I know why so many brilliant people go insane. It’s simply because they keep jumping between their right side and left side of their brain. Most people are pretty much into one side or the other. Many a creative person never ventures into their right brain and thus they are usually poor or evicted until they die and then become famous.

Most right side brain people,,, (a new term I’m inventing),, couldn’t draw outside the lines, even if you told then it was okay to do so. They usually conquer or take everything they get and think only about tangible things like money, money, and more money.

I like both sides of my brain,, I even am quite fond of the front and back of it also,,,  so I go back and forth between the two sides. Usually, I’m in the right side near the days the bills are due and remain in the left side as much as possible.

I look at my sitting place to think,, my desk,, and I see some paper that those right side brain people desire to have more than anything,,, (money). It ain’t a big pile of paper,, but my right side tells me to go get more of it. My left side of my brain says,, I can’t eat it,, I can’t paint with it,, so go do something else that is enjoyable and creative.

I really like my left side of the space inside my head,, because it’s child like and damn fun. That other camp over there,,, the right side,, scares me a bit,, because they’ll want to come over here to the left side and tear up all the fun and neat places I’ve created and build compartments that will only fit square pegs in square holes and round pegs in round holes.

Golly,, I can understand why some people who make a living telling folks what goes on inside a brain,, might not like my analysis,, but then again,, are they right brained or left brained?

So here’s the dilemma folks,, I like to play all day,, every day,, but it costs money. It costs so many piles of paper that it’s not even funny. I need to get just one very, very, very large pile of paper and then I can play all the time,, when I want,,, so that’s what I’ll do.

I’ll take both sides of my brain, and even the front and back,, and combine them for just one purpose,, to make a very large pile of paper,, so that the left side can play and the right side won’t worry. That’s what I call extremely focused. That’s what I call middle brained. Both sides working together to benefit each other. What a concept. What a way to live,,, both brained. That’s the way I am in trial in front of a jury,,, both brained. Is your “lawyer” both brained in front of a jury?

Have a nice day and remember to use both sides of your brain. I’m off to court this morning.


3 Responses to “Oh Crap,, Right Side of Brain Says Make Money,, Left Side Says Don’t Worry”

  1. sean Says:

    I know what you mean. I need to stay in my world a little longer. Got some blocks need to let the energy flow.

  2. Ericka Says:

    Wow, what an excellent piece. I am truly enjoying your work. Thank you so much for turning me on to it. I have read 7 books so far on my summer break(elementary school food service manager, MN) and this is great for a filler inner. See ya.

  3. henry Says:

    great piece

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