What The Hell Is There To Do In The Country?

I hear that a lot,,, just what the hell is there to so in the country? Well,, let’s look at what I did yesterday,, just another day. I got up before that great big ball of fire that hurts my eyes awoke. I call up the feral cats and feed them their cat food,, along with making sure they have water.

Next I get dressed and go and carry water to some little plants I’m trying to get going near my soon to be established quail habitat. I then write my blogs,, read some of my books and drink my 2 – 3 pots of coffee. I fix breakfast,, not something vegetarians would enjoy,, and take all those blood pressure medicines I need from the “stress” of working for so long in Houston.

I realize today that the boys down on the Henson farm are harvesting corn and here’s my chance to get some shelled corn for the deer feeders. I call up the Muellers and ask them about buying a wagon or two of shelled corn and see if they have their weigh wagon available,,, which they do,, so I go get a wagon load.

I have to set up the auger on the tractor and the grain bin that I purchased and got for free when I bought out a hardware store,, long story from a distant time,, and that takes most of the morning just getting it set up. I then unload the grain wagon into the catch pan for the auger and auger the corn up to the top of the grain bin where is goes into it. Along with this process,,, I pour liquid sevin into the catch pan to allow insecticide up the auger and into the grain bin so that the weevils don’t eat the heart out of the grain.

I finish that operation and then take the auger back to the barn and return the grain wagon to the Muellers. That takes most, if not all of the morning. In the end,, it saves money over buying store bought corn and it allows me to use the things I have on the ranch.

After a hearty lunch,, I go get the bulldozer and pull it up to the yard just outside the fence to work on it some. I remove the belly pans and most plates,, then  take the air hose and blow out the dirt and sand and gravel that have accumulated in the pans and get the dozer ready to be pressure washed. That takes quite awhile,, but somehow gets done. Next,, I take the antique Ford car and try and get it started. I spend approximately 4 – 5 hours on it before it gets going. Have you ever changed a tire without a tire changing machine? I mean off the rim and a new tire on? Well, it can be done,, but you need to know how to do it.

I’ve always heard that necessity is the mother of invention,,, but also,, just being so far away from everything helps. Anyway,, along the way,, I didn’t get to practice much law,,, but what the hell,, I’ll do that today or tomorrow. Have a nice day and remember if your trial lawyer can’t change a tire off the rim,, without the machine,,, do you really want him or her leading the attack into turf that is constantly changing?  Just how fast will he or she be able to think on their feet and make do with what they got in front of them? Have a nice day and happy “lawyering”.


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