How Many Guns Can A Guy Have?

So I just got to thinking about this topic this morning and began to wonder,,, just how many guns can a guy have? I suppose that you should look to see why you have guns in the first place. I mean,, out here we have guns to kill snakes and hogs. We hunt dove and coyotes.

I suppose that anyone could justify a few guns if you live in the country. I know I do. But I also have other guns just for things like target practice. A gun or two just to carry in the big city of Calvert and a gun or two for each dog, cat and cow out here is kinda necessary.

Also,, I don’t want to be outdone by the neighbors,, so I’ve got some guns that equal the neighbors guns. I got some handguns,, some rifles and some shotguns. A few of damn near every caliber know to mankind.  I look around the room I’m in and can count 5 or 6 and then I haven’t counted the dog’s guns yet.

There’s guns for each vehicle and the tractors have to have guns also. I need a few for the 4 wheeler and even the lawnmower has to have one or two. I’m thinking seriously about arming the hogs and I suppose the armadillos ought to have one or two each.

I’m running out of room to store my guns. I forgot,, also each room of the house should have a gun or two or six. And what good is an oven if you can’t store at least a few guns in it? I’ve taken over the pantry and stashed a few guns there and under every chair and couch is a gun or two. It doesn’t do much good to have a fireplace in the country without being able to have a few guns in it and I was looking at the dressers yesterday and noticed that each drawer has a gun or two in it .

Oh yea,,, I forgot the guns in the garage,,, there must be at least 15. And the attic,,, another 25 or so. You know,, going outside to feed the cats in the morning requires a few guns. And certainly under each bed is a prime spot for gun storage.

I guess it’s a damn good thing that the government hasn’t threatened to outlaw tractors,,, yet. Anyway,,, I forgot to mention ammo.. You do not want to forget the ammo. It’s a shame that America is facing an ammo shortage,,, maybe it’s because people are hoarding ammo. But I wouldn’t know anything about that,,, do you know you can store ammo in the walls of your house?

Ammo is available if you buy it in bulk. Need I say more? So anyway,,, just how many guns can a guy have? Thank God this is America and as of today those folks that brought you water boarding haven’t yet outlawed the right to own guns,,,, yet.

Thank God the folks who brought you bailouts haven’t limited the number of guns you can have,,,, and for once I agree with the government. So why would you want that many guns? I’ll tell you why,,, because I can have them,, that’s why. I will support green peace, environmental issues and gun rights.

So how in the hell does this have anything to do with trial at all? Well,, it seems that if a fella is passionate about his or her beliefs,,,, they can become a better trial lawyer. You first gotta believe in your client and his or her story. Maybe I should start collecting model cars. Have a nice day and buy a gun just for the hell of it and because you can.


2 Responses to “How Many Guns Can A Guy Have?”

  1. sean Says:

    I read your post everytime I saw the word gun I read the word kitten

    • paul2413 Says:

      I know,,, it’s kinda silly how much we spend on “things” when kids can’t eat or families don’t have insurance.

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