How Bout We Try A Case Like They Do In Baseball?

I’d like to know how we could make the trial of cases more interesting and I think I’ve hit on something. I see yesterday that some player for the White Sox,, (Chicago’s other team) actually threw (pitched) a perfect game. Incredible. That’s like getting the ultimate Perry Mason minute with every witness.

I mean,, the cop admitting he did not investigate the scene at all or he tampered with the evidence. The eye witness saying he or she really wasn’t there,, but was lying when answering the government’s questions about the shooting. The cororner telling the jury that truthfully,, he  or she can’t tell the cause of death,, but it sure as hell ain’t what the government says caused it.

The co-defendant confessing to the crime alone and saying the defendant had absolutely nothing to do with it,, let alone know anything about it at all. The victim admitting that they were not injuried by the defendant and in fact agreed to the assault or caused it themselves.

The Judge granting every objection and finally in true Perry Mason style,, moving the court to dismiss the case and the DA either agreeing to it or the judge granting your motion to dismiss.

Wow,, that would be incredible. Most civil defense lawyers are too damn serious. So here’s what I propose during cases that are incredibly boring,,, go back to school and learn to try a case the TLC way,, so that selling popcorn in the gallery is unnecessary. I really mean it. Have a nice day and remember,,, to try and pitch that perfect game.


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