Live Life, Love

I know that the more I write,,,  it might seem the weirder I get,, but in reality,, I get more and more sane. I am amazed that this year has taken me to places that I never envisioned. I am in the middle of my world and sometimes forget to see the environment as it really is.

I guess in life those that truly make the biggest difference in the world can easily shift between their right brain and their left brain. They have the ability to be the most creative, artistic, innovative people on the face of this round ball of dirt I call earth and yet,,, they also have the ability to shift into impeccable logic and reason peppered with incredible foresight.

Wow, it must be amazing to have that talent and then fine tune it over a life time. I would love to be able to do that. I forget to live on both sides of my brain. I’ve also noticed that those who can do this frequently have the greatest gift of all,,, that of love.

Imagine those who can create masterpieces,, argue logically and feel love in both worlds,,,, hell, they’re my heroes,, plain and simple.

I may never know both sides of my brain,, but what little I do see and explore,, I hope to live with love in it. Have a nice day and remember to use the gifts you have,,, even if those who don’t know,, say they are handicaps. You’ll be a better “lawyer” and person.


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