I’m Getting Older and Summer’s Almost Over

It is amazing to me that I age so damn quickly. I mean,, it seems like I was just born yesterday,, (actually a few yesterdays ago). I wake up this morning to let the dogs out and realize the summer is almost over. Not really,, but it’s almost August and I’m just feeling older.

I awake to my normal aches and pains that I experience and realize that I shouldn’t be eating whole pizzas and then trying to be good by eating only a salad. I don’t think Jenny Craig has anything to worry about if I ever decided to open up a weight loss clinic.

I want to know,, what the hell happened to my youth and why doesn’t Sandra Bullock know about me? (Maybe she does,, but just won’t admit it,,,, yea,, I like that feeling). Anyway,, I noticed that somewhere along the way,, I traded my 6 pack abs for something else that looks like a barrel. I’ve grown hair where I didn’t know hair would survive and my hearing is going to hell.

I guess I spend days working on me and have been doing so extensively for the last year. I expand my mind into horizons that I never knew existed before and my heart heals as I do.

“I dream the dreams that young men dream,,, I tell the tales that old men tell.”

Have a nice day and remember aging is like a jury trial,, it all must end sometime. It is better to meet yourself on the playing field of life than to have never lived at all.


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