What Happens When Anger Meets Love?

I have often wondered about that very statement. What would happen if anger were to meet up with love? Is it rock, paper or scissors,, and which one would win? So here  I am writing this crap early in the morning,, before the birds awaken and this is all I come up with?

Holy crap,, I gotta tell ya,,, I don’t know where this is going. My friends may understand me,, but some of you “civilians” may never understand,, or if you do,, will never admit or try it,, and begin to wonder if maybe I haven’t lost it all together. Just what in the hell happens in my mind in the morning?

I mean,, why not talk about the proper predicate to getting a document admitted into evidence,,, (Does it truly and accurately depict the information,, does it purport to be in  fact what it is,, and are there any deletions or alterations to it),,, than to write about Anger meeting love.

Those “civilians” out there will at least know now I can speak the language of law,, along with the true universal language of love. So before you try and commit me to an insane asylum,,, at least listen,, because even the ones on trial get to say their piece.

I have noticed a great healing in my life with love and a tearing down of my soul when I am angry. I am certain that those who have been wronged in their life have experienced anger,,, but have they experienced love? Most horribly injured people have been wronged by someone or something in their life. The justice system in set up for retribution,, not healing.

I know some of you say,, well the purpose of this system to make the individual “whole” again, but does it really? I mean if you lose your “mate”,, is $1,000,000.00 enough? How bout 2 or 5 or 15? Or how about allowing the healing to occur for the individual. Wouldn’t that be better?

Gianormus corporations only think in terms of money,,, never feelings. Human must have their needs met and we meet them with feelings,, not money. So if we heal instead of “make whole” aren’t we really meeting anger with love? Go ahead and ask someone who has lost their “mate” and received money for it,,, don’t they all really just want their “mate” back? Isn’t that love? And are they still angry about losing their “mate”? Yes,, even those religious ones who say it’s God’s will,, still miss their “mates” deeply and money never, ever, ever replaces that anger. Only love will.

So when you have your perpetrator on the stand,,, do you show anger or love? Have a nice day and happy “lawyering”.


One Response to “What Happens When Anger Meets Love?”

  1. sean Says:

    Been experimenting with it, Giving love to anger. Sometimes the anger is more intense, sometimes there is silence and sometimes there is love. Wow!

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