My Own Truth

I love what I’m doing,, digging deeper and deeper into my favorite subject,,, me. I continue to learn and be amazed by what I discover about me at my age. I just wish that I would have discovered things about me earlier in life. Do you you how powerful it would be to go back in time with the knowledge I have today and relive those terrible moments I have experienced at an earlier time in my life?

I know that I’m not alone in that thought,,, in fact,,, I’ll do one better,, I’ll bet that at some time, everyone wants to go back in time with the knowledge they have learned in life and maybe relive old moments. My own truth is that I must go all the way back to my pre birth.  Hell, I can’t remember what the hell happened to me,, but something did that shapes the way I am today,,, warts and all.

Discovering my own truth is just making me more and more curious about me. What happened,, what did I need,, what do I now need,,, on and on the questions go.  I can only begin to imagine what those that read this bit of rambling must think,,,  you’ve lost your fucking mind,, some, maybe all might say,,, but some who can love themselves very, very deeply,,, give me encouragement to continue exploring the human being known as “Paul”,, and for that I sincerely thank you and love you.

I just wonder what today brings,, and you know what,,, I’m fucking curious to continue on this journey for me, about me and then,,,  well,,,, who knows. I don’t think I can ever express my gratitude to those who help me and even those who ridicule me for helping me find out more about me and my own truth.  Have a nice day and happy discovering yourself,, or not.


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