Breathe, Breathe and Breathe

It’s amazing how we forget to breathe. I have a friend who says he took scuba diving lessons and the most important thing they said when he was under water down there was to remember to breathe. Very profound,,, not to mention healthy. So how many times do we forget to breathe?

I know in the heat of the battle,, the Judge, DA’s, clients and others are riding our ass,, or at least we perceive that they are and we forget to take the time to breathe.  I always say it’s important to breathe. I am concerned when facing anxious moments that I forget to slow down and just breathe.

It helps center me and return me to the here and now. I sometimes am in another world,,, not really there,, but I am,,, and when I get too intense,, sometimes I forget to just breathe. I need to remember that important instruction in life,,, just breathe.

It is always best to take deep breaths,,, and  keep the tongue on the tip of the mouth,, just behind the teeth,,, jaw open and feel the body’s natural movement. Breath is the life of the being,, and the way a person breathes,, tells a lot about the person.

I sometimes notice my clients forget to breathe and that is the most important thing,,, so they generally tense up. When they tense up,, they forget,,, they freeze,,, they say things that may not be true and generally are very vulnerable to cross examination.

I try and help them whenever possible just by showing them the breathing techniques and centering. Who would have thought a “lawyer” might help with the nerves of an individual in addition to the legal crap? It’s amazing that “lawyers” sometimes forget the words counsellor,, but I promise you,, that is in the title also.

Next time you are in trial,, remember to breathe and watch for the opposition not breathing,, it’s a sure sign they are rattled. Once rattled,,, they lose. Remember to breathe and have a wonderful day,,, I’m off to psycho camp.


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