Okay, Let’s Begin

I don’t know of many people who would not favor therapy,,, but I have met a few. I think those few are afraid to look into a mirror and actually see just who the hell they are. I wonder what would happen if those who you felt most wronged by in your life actually started in therapy. What would you do? Some wounds are so deep that it seems impossible to ever break the pattern and become healthy again.

I suppose that may be true for a hell of a lot of people,, but sometimes you just gotta “jump” into the deep end and get real wet. I know some who just stick a toe or foot into the water and say it’s too cold,, but they miss the experience of the swim. I kinda like that analogy in therapy. Me,, I’m jumping in,, I need to get better to experience the joys of life while I can.

So, let’s begin. Therapy is not a waste of money,, it does not mean you’re not normal,, it means you’re willing to explore yourself. I suppose those that are smart take their car into the shop every 3000 miles or so,, why not do that for you? I have gone so very long in my life without a checkup that it isn’t even funny. It’s kinda like not going to the dentist for 40 years and then going all at once. You may have a healthy mouth or there may be some cavities,, but at least you go.

I wonder what would happen if some of those Judges went to therapy? Gosh,, it would be great and I would encourage it,, but it may not happen. Do not despair,, you can go,, remember it is how you respond not how you react.  I know the Olympic athletes train daily,, why should you practice mental health daily?

We as “lawyers” really use out minds and if you are a trial lawyer like me,, you must use your heart also. It just helps to know both. I hear from a lot of people that therapy is making me weird,,, but it is just changes in things I don’t like about me. I know this,,, if you are beaten every day and get a chance to get away from the beating,, you’ll take it. My flogging is emotional in nature and I’m learning about not getting flogged.

So if you are a client or potential client, Judge, DA or civil defense lawyer reading this and haven’t laughed enough already,,, perhaps we will meet on the field of battle soon. And when we do,,, I will know me,,, but will you know you? Have a nice day and get better.


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