Emotional Waterboarding

I don’t know about you,, but if you take this work on yourself seriously,, you’re in for some emotional waterboarding. Life itself has many, many ups and downs,, but when I begin to really work on me,, I can really feel it. I don’t know about you,, but sometimes when things get real heavy for me,, I shut down.

It’s always scary facing yourself and trying to unlearn what I have learned for years and years, just to get at me, but with help of friends and a safe environment,, I’m in. I have learned a lot about me in the last few days and I’m fixing to dive right in again,,, into me,, tomorrow, Thursday and Friday. I know this,, in a safe environment,, I’ll survive and actually grow,,, in an unsafe environment,, I won’t.

So here I go again,,, into me. It’s a fascinating journey and one I’m ready to go on,, so here goes. I’ll let you know what happens to me as I go through it and into it. Till we meet again,, happy emotional waterboarding.


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