Can You OD On Therapy?

Well, I have a very interesting medical question,,, can you OD on therapy? It appears to be my drug of choice. I suspect that in the medical case studies,, my name will appear as the first person to OD on therapy. It is embarrassing because I do not want to be a medical first,, but I appear destined for this designation.

I am certain that in the study of medicine,,, that there have been a number of cases where patient,, or maybe a corpse, have been wheeled into the ER or morgue and toxicology tests have revealed a fatal dosage of some drug or another,, but what will happen when I go to the ER or morgue?

I can read the records now,,, patient extremely happy and almost sedate,, suspect abnormal levels of chemical tranquilizers,, patient attempts to leave ER or morgue and is physically restrained,,, patient seems to have incredible sense of self worth,,, incredible mental health and seeks repeated trips to hospital therapist.

I don’t know about you,,, but I’m actually okay with this medical record. So let me tell you about my week. Today it’s off to court, then Houston. Tomorrow,, it’s off to court then Dallas. I have a seminar (therapy) there until Friday. Incredible,,,,, actually ODing on therapy.  I love it.

Remember,,, it ain’t about the $10,000.00 saddle on the $10.00 horse you ride in on,,, it’s about the $10,000.00 horse with the $10.00 saddle.  I am safe today and ready for more therapy on me,, so that I can be a better person and “lawyer” for those who need me and want to work with me. I’m selfish and I want to win,,, do you? If so,,, you had better know yourself better than I know me and you’d better work on that fucking horse until it ODs,, or you won’t win.

Have a nice day and be safe,,, I’m off to court.


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