Feel The Energy

I know you may think I fucking crazy,,, the jury’s still out on that,,, but have you ever felt the presence of another person or “thing” in a room before you actually see them? I have several times. I am learning that this is nothing more than energy,, either given off or received from someone else or me feeling them before I actually can see or touch them.

It seems that most people are not willing to experience this feeling and we do our best to close up all things that make us feel uncomfortable,,, but this energy “radar” as I call it,,, is an instinct we are born with and should develop it. Did you ever notice that a dog can sense things before we can? Baby,, my dog,, can actually sense when people are at the gate to the ranch,,, even though you can’t see it from the main spread,, before they step foot onto the gravel lane and open up the gate leading to the ranch house.

What an incredible awareness of space. I mean that is his boundary. He knows exactly how far out his domain is,, and he is protective of that space. He must sense energy or intruders because he will not bark at the cattle (usually) in the pasture,, only when someone gets on his gravel lane and opens up his gate,, will he let loose with his incredible bark of awareness.

The other dogs are clueless,, their boundary is about as far as their food bowl. Perhaps he is a highly sensitive dog,, or perhaps he just has set his boundaries at a distance where he can sense intrusion of other energy sources by someone or something else,,,, I don’t know, but as I always say,,, you can learn more from animals and kids than you can from books.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if our boundaries were that far? Aren’t most issues in our lives actually boundary issues? Can you imagine setting boundaries and then claiming your own space? That means those who “drain” my energy,, do not get to come into my space, unless I allow them,, and those that I let in,, well,, what wonderful miracles must occur when that happens.

You still think I’m fucking crazy?  Maybe,,, but here’s how this helps me in trial. If I can sense boundaries and energy from people,, I can be more in tune to listen to what they say and actually hear them. I can then ask them questions that are in tune with their feelings,,, not questions that are uncomfortable to them,, but questions that seek to advance my client’s story and expose the truth. Have a nice day,,, I’m off to energy sensing class.


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