Well, Bioenergetics It Is

Here I am in Dallas awake after spending the night on my friend’s couch and that the workshop we’re going to,,, a bio energetics workshop,, is about to be revealed to us. I don’t know much about bio energetics,, but what I do know is this,,,, I feel much better afterwards.

I suppose it’s kinda like going to a massage parlour,,, no not that kind of massage,, and then feeling the effects for a few days after the relaxation,,, it’s simply great. To me, there seems to be a lot of truths in things that others laugh at. I mean what man,, who is not gay,, would ever get in tough with his feelings? And besides,,, how the hell is that gonna make him a better trial lawyer?

I understand that this workshop has something to do with sensuality,, and I’m hoping my buddy and I aren’t members of a select group of just guys,,, in other words,, I’m hoping that at least some women show up,,, otherwise,,, it might look kinda weird.

I’m sure that it will be all right,,, I hope. So how in the hell does this manly man’s man activity make me a better trial lawyer? I’m gonna tell ya,,, as we enter a room of new people,, there is a certain amount of energy in the room and in each individual. Each member of the group is standing or sitting certain ways and the communication that occurs is a lot of nonverbal things,,, I just want to be more in tune with that and this helps. After this,, we’re going to a Russian sweat lounge. Have a nice day and happy massages.


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