The Most Perfect Person In The World Is You

I haven’t said it enough,,, but the most perfect person in the world is you. I may not even know who you are or what you do,, until I meet you,,, but you’re absolutely perfect just the way you are. I mean,,, the world is a better place because of you and I appreciate your contribution in life.

It seems in today’s society that many people are overly concerned about money and forget that they’re perfect just as they are. I mean,, I have a client who wants to have plastic surgery and I suppose that’s okay,,, but why? This client is a beautiful young woman who is concerned about losing her appeal.

I tell her that her appeal is who she is,, not what she looks like,,, although she looks extremely good. I am concerned that people are more concerned with their outward appearances than working on their inner self. I enjoy beauty,,, but isn’t everyone beautiful in their own way? I mean we pay something like $85 million dollars for a dead old painting,,, why isn’t someone who is alive worth that? You know when they are gone,,, how can you replace them?

I believe that scientists have intentionally created a misnomer that combined your body is worth only $25.00 or so,,, what about the person who makes up the body? I suppose paint and canvas and brushes are worth only $25.00, but why is a Rembrandt worth $25 Million?

I myself enjoy life and people,,, I just need some time to be by myself and not get overstimulated. I do my best creative work as a lawyer when I am at my best as a person,,, not otherwise. I am at my best as a person when I understand that I am a unique individual,,,, not fitting into any molds other than the one I make.

Sometimes my banker doesn’t understand me,,, but at least he accepts me,,,, I don’t like it but I pay him back for the money he lent me.  I don’t always understand the DA or civil defense attorneys or even Judges for that matter,, but at least I accept them for who they are. I do not judge them,,, I accept them.

I really believe that some “lawyers” forget that the most perfect person in the world is their client. I really think that some “lawyers” never just accept their clients for who they are. I don’t think you can be a great trial lawyer if you are judging people,,, so remember the most perfect person in the world is you. Have a nice day,, I’m off to Dallas.


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