Back Home In Texas

I have been on the road so much lately that I haven’t had the chance to just enjoy Texas. I mean, the cases I’m involved in take me just about everywhere, and it is time I started to enjoy Texas again. I understand the heat down here is unbearable, but there are ways around it.

I have been traveling to different states and have been appearing in different jurisdictions quite a bit more frequently now and miss what I call Texas Justice. It is a combination of wild west law and civilized eastern philosophy. It embraces the very essence of humanity, yet seeks to prove its point.

An example of Texas Justice is the desire of the Texas people to stamp out polygamy, yet to tolerate it without very many prosecutions for this otherwise “criminal” act. I often wonder if being involved in several relationships isn’t punishment enough,, but I don’t question the religious beliefs of my clients.

I suppose in the end,, it’s the clash of those in power who want to impose their morals on those who practice it and who want to enjoy their religious teachings.  I guess those high and mighty folks in power should outlaw all their affairs,, even though they don’t get married to one another,, all they do is just screw around without owning up to it. I ain’t judging nobody,,, I’m just accepting them all. I do stand up for those who can not stand up for themselves and that’s why I enjoy being back home in Texas.

Being a trial lawyer means having to stand up for your client,, having to take the unpopular ground and having to defend those who are defenseless,, remember,, they were all innocent children just like you and me once. So, in the end,, those that chose to walk this path,, must remember that sometimes it ain’t easy to be unpopular, sometimes it ain’t easy to be standing against a lynch mob,, but in the end,, you will look in the mirror and understand who you really are. Have a nice day and thank God you’re back in Texas.


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