Here’s To Life

I am not a great fun of drinking anymore,, God knows, I drank enough alcohol for everyone, but if I had to propose a toast,, it would be simply “here’s to life”.

That phrase may take on different meanings for different people, but for me it means a celebration of being,, a lifetime of just being in the here and now. It is incredible important to understand that all events in the course of history happen in the here and now and can be changed only in the here and now.

We can not go back and buy 100,000 shares of Microsoft when it first came out,, but we can buy 100,000 of a new company that will be the next Microsoft if we are in the here and now.  I have missed so many investment opportunities in my time of life on this ball of dirt I call earth, that’s it not even funny. I have also missed so many moments of living that it is not funny.  I have spend so much of my time worrying about bills and notes and obligations,, that I forgot to see opportunities,, both business and personal.

You ask me how to be a better trial lawyer,,, it’s really simple,, be in the here and now,, not in some distant land worrying about the phone bill or __________. Have a nice day and happy lawyering.


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