The Day After

It’s July 5th and its one day after the celebration of the independence of the birth of our great nation. I still see racism, bigotry and elitism, and wonder if the country will survive another 200 plus years. I notice that when juries select me,, the other side is always practicing these principles.

In a most recent case, the government stuck several jurors who were African American. I noticed they also struck several jurors who were not like them and their beliefs. I am still amazed that America allows this form of rampant racism to occur.

In striking the jurors,, the government did not do it so blatantly that one could disqualify the jury panel on the basis of racism,, but it sure came damn close. I believe that those who teach the ones who persecute are telling them not to make it seem that they are kicking jurors off the panel on the basis of race,, but to come up with some flimsy excuse to justify selecting the jury on a racial basis.

I do not understand why those in power always think that they will win,, it don’t happen that way,, yet if you don’t believe as they do,, well, you’re toast. I see a great flaw in their thinking and beliefs,, that they can “build a wall” around them and those they choose to let in and still have power over everyone else. Well, it ain’t so. Soon, their cities get smaller and smaller and more and more people leave the city as they become targeted by those in power and join the country side.

If you look at the last election,, you could easily see it taking place. The racist cities get smaller and smaller until there are only a very very few inhabitants left there,, then they isolate and die. It’s a shame,, because every human being regardless of his or her beliefs,, is valuable and unique. Can’t they just accept others that have the “nerve” to think differently than them?

You know, in some small and not so small jurisdictions I practice in,, the Judges, Civil Defense attorneys and the DA’s display this attitude of “covert” racism. It must stop and it will as people begin to understand more and more about those who are their neighbors and not those in power who tell them how to think or who to accept.

I am still amazed that the power people haven’t figured it out and they never will. It’s about acceptance,, not an agenda. Have a nice day and say hello to a stranger today.


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