Meet My New Friend Susan

I have had the pleasure of meeting a new friend this week and her name is Susan. I really enjoy talking to her as she runs a small business that really isn’t that small. I met her through another client and have been enjoying spending time observing her running her business, her interaction with clients and her outlook on life.

Now before you go and think that I have gone and joined the dark side by representing businesses,, well, that’s just not the case. I am spending time with her because she is about to get involved in a lawsuit and is the owner of her successful small business. I do not violate my beliefs if I help someone in need who is not “screwing” another person. Her case involves a contract dispute over money to be paid for work performed. Not unusual for small businesses run by individuals to have happen to them. A rather large corporation is withholding pay from her after she did all this work for them.

But the lawsuit isn’t what matters,, it’s the client interaction that I really observe and learn from. I have never seen customer service like this before,,, attentive to the client’s every need and very conscious of time and space. I mean it’s unreal,, I went on a sales call with her the other day and I am amazed because she has a way of making the client feel at ease so quickly that it’s not even funny. You feel like you’ve known her all your life and she’s very in touch with the client’s needs.

I see her use every sales and marketing pitch ever invented,, yet people jump right in and spend money with her in her business.  I see her attend to the customer with amazing detail,, no wonder her business is growing so quickly. It does a fella good to hang out with a client for a day or so,, just to watch, learn and enjoy their company. Does your lawyer ever do that with you? Have a nice day, I’m off to see the banker.


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