Happy, Happy Days

Oh happy days,, oh happy days,,, when the government dismissed my client’s case. It is always a happy day when I go to a new jurisdiction and see the government doing something it should,,, like dismissing a case. It occurs less and less frequently,, but in some jurisdictions it does occur.

I remember when the government charged my client,,, I thought that was a bit unusual,, because the case did not merit charges,, but I guess the local establishment decided that was proper anyway. So we had to post bond and promise to appear in a very, very small county in deep East Texas.

These small counties have different rules than the large cities,,, and each little fiefdom has it’s own ruler,, so I really expected someone who wouldn’t understand the finer points of that document we call the Constitution,, but I was pleasantly surprised.

I find that most people do not want to voluntarily have their horizons expanded,,, but sometimes it is necessary to help the opposition warrior see the battlefield as it really is and not as he or she thinks it is. I am grateful that sometimes,,, those in power do what is right, no matter what the political cost is. I do not suspect the political cost in my client’s case was very much,, but none the less,, the government did the right thing.

As I study the art and science of trial lawyering,, I learn much more than most people do because I really immerse myself into the client’s story. I really only have a very basic understanding of the cold dead written law,, but enough to be dangerous.

When I am learning the client’s story,, I am learning what discovery needs to be sent out,, what motions need to be filed and then I can listen to the opposition’s case. I know that this is opposite what most “lawyers” probably do,, but I wait until I know my client’s story before I really discover the opposition’s case.

In my journeys,,, I have tried a great number of cases in this country and as I age,, I find there is no reason to try as many as I used to,,, some cases, like the most recent one are dealt with by dismissal of charges that should have never been brought. Some are disposed of by reducing charges to an offense that can be dealt with and some,, well some cases just flat out require trial.

If you have to go to trial,, remember, it’s a matter of life and death to the client, so be prepared.. Have a nice day,, I’m going to court this morning.


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