Well, I Get It

I am sometimes accused of being slow,, but I get it. It appears to me that the government does not want me appearing and representing clients in front of juries. I understand that the client is the one who should make the decision about trial or not and whether or not to take the deal,, but couldn’t we just once try some of these cases to a jury?

I am amazed that the government lawyers still speak about how they are more powerful than me, and have more resources than me,, but in the end,, they blink. I am remembering an old Western movie I see as a child,, where the gunfighters are in the street and the audience is watching and slowly backing away.

I see the intensity in the eyes of the government’s attorney,, seeking to somehow gain any advantage they might exploit of me or my client. I see their searching eyes rapidly moving around,, attempting to gain a clear vision of any movement or indication of a “blink” by me,, yet,, there is none.

I see beads of sweat appearing on the very faces of those who hours ago,, decided to end the gunfight by seeking a resolution of the charges,, suddenly quiver and lose breath when they are told no. Who could imagine a simple word would have such power? Who could envision such fear emanating from a worthy opponent reduced to begging for resolution of these charges?

In the end,, the bystanders describe it as a merciful slaughter,, they never stood a chance,, dead before any shots were fired. In the end,,, well, I get it,, the government blinked. Have a nice day and remember victory must be yours before entering the ring.


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