It All Works Out

I have been practicing law for quite some time now,, and have learned the most important lesson in all of life,,, that in the end,, it all works out. Eventually, we’re all gonna die and then it just doesn’t seem so damn important what “club” we belonged to or what vehicle we drove,, now does it?

I am a big believer in what is in the moment,, in the here and now,, in today. I want to live each moment as it occurs and not live in the past or in the future. Sometimes, I have to project what happens in the future for those that are listening,, but most of the time,, I’m happy living in the present.

I was worried this week about paying bills and guess what,, all of a sudden,, just enough money appeared to pay the immediate bills placed before me. That “miracle” has occurred over and over and over again in my life. I believe that we live up to our income,, and we spend up to our income as well.

Anyway,, I guess that in front of a jury,, you must be in the here and now,, not in the future or in the past,, you must be in the present and only in the present. You must be aware of your jury’s needs and be in tune with that, or you will lose your client’s case. Have a nice day and be in the here and now.


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