Do Not Read This

If you know what’s good for you,,, you will not read this post. Some of you will have an entirely different opinion of your “lawyer” after you read this,, one I can not be responsible for. Some of you will throw away this blog and never read it again,, so don’t read this post.

Okay,, you still here? I tried to warn you,,, so here goes. You know how I’m always talking about hiring a “lawyer” to represent you and what you need to look for in hirin that “lawyer”? Well, I’ve come up with a new test,, one not for the faint of heart,, but here goes.

Ask yourself this when hiring a “lawyer”,,, what kind of porno novel would he or she write. I told ya,, I warned ya,, let it sink in,, what kind of porno novel would your “lawyer” write? Now, I’m not talking about pictures or a film,, but just words.

Let’s think about this,, no action,, just a blank screen. How would your “lawyer” write this novel? I mean, could you imagine him or her describing the scenes and action? Would the novel go something like this from your “lawyer”? She entered the room, she  undressed, she moaned oh baby, oh baby, oh baby. The end?

I don’t know about you,, but that “novel” sure as hell ain’t gonna win any awards and most people would walk out after 15 seconds,, so why is trial any different? Imagine his or her use of an expert in a porno novel,,, it might go something like this,,,, “the relative velocity and duration of the friction coefficient at that precise angle would scientifically provide the expulsion of the bodily fluids. This medically and scientific certainty is accepted within the medical community.”

Kinda silly to describe the very act of reproduction,,, and besides,, wouldn’t you be asleep during this? Remember,,, no pictures. I don’t know about you, but I want someone who can set the scene, draw in my attention, tell a story, and ask for help.. Can your “lawyer” do this?

Have a nice day and try not to laugh when you envision this story when talking and trying to hire your “lawyer”.


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