It’s Saturday and Time For Fun

It’s Saturday up here at the ranch and time for some fun. We ain’t had much fun lately because of the extreme heat and drought, but today I’ll do something different and fun. I’m gonna go into town and watch the big screen adventures of the most recent action movie star that all the kids are talking about.

I’ll go get a quarter bag of popcorn,, ($7.50) and a dime coke ($5.25) after paying only a quarter for admission ($6.00). It’ll be just like old times,, the organ player is playing the tunes to the movie and I’m watching cartoons (previews) as a warm-up to the big screen main feature about to come on.

It’ll have the latest and greatest star Roy Rogers (I won’t even know who the hell is on the big screen today) and it’ll feature some gal who’ll be saved by the hero, (at least most plot lines haven’t changed). I’ll get to arrive early before noon and then go to matinee. Afterwards, I’ll go over to the local Dairy Queen and have an ice cream cone, (Starbucks and coffee).

Yep, as I get older the memories change,, but the best retirement we can have is being able to afford what we enjoyed doing as a kid. Have a nice day,, I’m off to help save the west with Roy Rogers.


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