Hunting At Starbucks

Last night I arrive in Dallas and my friend Sean and I go out to eat, then go to a place called “Starbucks”. This place is unusual,, and it appears to be some sort of hunting grounds. First thing I notice is that several “hunters” arrive with their weapons of choice,, (their computers).

I begin to see several of the guides set up blinds for new hunters to hunt whatever the hell they hunt, (I guess women or men). Up here sometimes it appears the men folk are hunting women, but occasionally, it looks like a man or two might just be hunting company of another man or two. The same appeared to be true with the women folk.

Seeing this phenomenon, I am immediately drawn into watching one or two of the folks as they hunt their prey. I see one fella’s got his eye on one of the gals and I’m not sure she has her eyes on him at all. You can learn a lot about human mating just by watching people at Starbucks.

Now this ole fella trying to catch the female, didn’t appear to be having much luck and I continued to watch him go about his mating ritual. (I’d bet he don’t ever reproduce, but that’s just another story).  Anyway, he walks over near this gal and tries to act like he’s getting a newspaper, (I wonder why when he’s got a computer) and somehow looks lost when she gets up to place an order at the counter.

Now I gotta hand it to this fella,, he recovers quickly and edges over to the counter and asks for something,,, I guess it don’t matter what, and then drops his paper near the gal he’s hunting. I suspect he’s thinking about maybe she’ll pick it up or something,, but she don’t and now he’s lost.

This little ole gal is not buying into his act,, she just picks up her coffee and goes and sits back down where she came from. I glance over at the “hunter” and notice he’s got a handful of sugars, a newspaper and a hard luck story,, all while going back to his computer where he doesn’t have any coffee at all.

So watching this, I can tell you this,,, if you want to meet someone, just go ask them. If you don’t,, you’ll end up with a handful of crap and no gal. It’s kinda like picking a jury,, you gotta ask the right questions to get any juicy answers. Have a nice day and happy hunting.


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