Guardians Of The Ole West

Out here on the Texas prairie, there have to be guardians. We few have taken on the request and answered it with force. We don’t hardly ever get paid, nor do we hardly ever get fame, but none the less,, it’s gotta be done by someone. That someone is me and my pal Baby.

Now and then a few cattle rustlers will invade the ranch and try and take away the little profits we get from the sale of the calves,, so we have to ride roughshod over the range patrolling the horizon for illegal activity. We ain’t got much in the way of entertainment nor fun, but a few songs and a campfire out here are about the only luxuries we have left.

Occasionally, I’ll go into the city and meet some folk I ain’t seen in awhile,  but mostly,, it’s all alone out here on the vast prairie. A good horse, (Chrysler Crossfire), a good dog, (Baby), a bed roll, (areobed air mattress), and grub, (beans, bacon and coffee.)   Now and then, a traveling carnival will come through town, (concert) and I’ll take up any extra coins I got and occasionally go see them perform.

It ain’t much out here on the prarie, but it’s all I got. I have the desire to seek justice for those who can’t and about all I can do is ride and be the lone ranger, (unpopular criminal defense or personal injury plaintiff’s lawyer), to seek to right wrongs and do justice wherever I go, (whatever courtroom my clients are in).

Out here on the prairie,, it’s a lonely life. I guess could take a real job with that fella over at the insurance defense law firm,, but all they ever do is get fat. Besides, I’ve seen ’em screw wheeligo girls outta money,, so I imagine they’ll screw just about anyone outta money they deserve. That don’t sit right with me, so I’ll pass on that.

I could go over to the large freight wagon corporation and deny benefits to widows and children when their husbands and fathers get killed working on the line,, but I don’t cotton to that much either. I guess the only passion I got is being a guardian of the ole west again cattle rustlers (insurance companies and large corporations or government).

So remember when standing in f’ront of your jury, you damn well better have that passion ignited for your client,, if not,, go sell insurance. Have a nice day,, I’m off to riding the buckskin line (court).


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