Watching Waiting and Bitching

I know that I have written about things in the last few days that don’t seem right. It makes you wonder if maybe I’ve had too much crap on my plate and not enough good things going on. That might be true but it also isn’t. I have gone half way across Texas in the last few days and still haven’t got a good night’s sleep.

I’ve seen more and more and more money go out than come in and frankly,, it gets old. But what I haven’t shared with you is that I’m meeting so damn many new and exciting people on my journeys that the inconvenience of being without money is just an annoyance,, nothing more.

I suppose that I can learn to do without things that I don’t really need. It’s nice and very serene when I have money in my pocket,, but a train wreck when I don’t. So here I am,, watching, waiting and bitching. Now and then there ain’t much time for anything else except suiting up and showing up and I do that quite frequently.

I am just plain tired and out of energy. I tend to get angry and bitchy when I don’t get any sleep or food and now I can add money to the fact that I get bitchy when I don’t have it. So I guess I’ll have to go get some. I will have to sacrifice my principles to make money. I’ll have to write a will or two and I’ll have to do things like that just to survive.

Damn, I now know how women feel when they do things they don’t want to,,, but at least I’m gonna get paid. I wonder if the entertainers of the evening ever feel that way. I suppose then they numb the experience by using drugs and alcohol,,, I won’t do that,, but I can understand the situation.

So anyway, a juror may have sacrificed his or her beliefs and it can be a great disappointment to them. They might be looking to take their anger and frustration out on someone or something,, even subconsciously,, so just make sure it’s the opponent who feels this and not your client. Have a nice day,, I’m off to the ranch.


2 Responses to “Watching Waiting and Bitching”

  1. Naomi Says:

    Hey Cowboy
    Before you head of on that dusty old trail again I thought you might want to look at that beautiful new sunrise on the east. It’s comming up again tomorrow, and although last night’s moon was beautiful but next month’s is bigger and you might even see the twinkle(S) in the sky if you try. I mean the pretty big ones that stand firm for a long time not the ones that fall out of the sky and disappear. The real ones don’t cost money to shine. Being the lone ranger must be scary without extra bullets (cash) but even trigger (car) is old faithful and can still look good for a long time if you just keep that dry Texas dust off. This gemstone city girl has walked on the path of hardtimes and can tell you like her favorite friend ol’ Ralph Waldo you’re at the crossroads in the forrest and you’re fixin to come up on two roads so meanwhile buckle your seatbelt (I mean) hold on tight for this too shall pass. So why not tell trigger to slow down and let you take a walk the next time you’re in the forrest of your terrific back yard? (For Free). It sounds to me like you’ve got some awesome campfires and peaceful trails. Why not start there? Truly enjoy the scenery of your life you might even enjoy the ride back home.

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