Monday Morning Houston Time

It’s Monday morning and I’m in Houston wondering what ever the hell happened to some of my old friends. I suspect they have gone on to a bigger and better life, but I’m not sure. I suppose that in my time on this giant ball of dirt I call earth, I’ve made quite a few mistakes.

I’d like to correct these mistakes and get on with my life. It is apparent to me that if I don’t right the wrongs I have done in the past,, my life is going to be miserable. I don’ know how to get in touch with all my old friends, but I tried facebook and myspace with no success. I keep dreaming that these old friends will call me after 30 or so years and out of the blue say hello. It ain’t gonna happen.

Probably the biggest mistake I’ve ever made was not being myself. I’m doing all I can to right that wrong. It is something that I can see doing over if I’m given the second chance,, but in the meantime, I’ll do what I can to correct this terrible injustice.

So you ask why worry about the things you did in the past when you can change the present to stop doing the things you did in the past over and over again. I just know that in the time I have left on this ball of dirt,, I’ll never be a complete human being if I don’t acknowledge that I am wrong about certain things I have done in the past and attempt to apologize for them.

In a jury trial, you must be a complete whole individual in order to be real. If you have baggage that you are carrying around with you, it’s time to acknowledge that baggage and do away with it, one apology at a time. The less baggage you carry the more in tune with your client and jury you are. Have a nice day,, I’m off  to a deposition.

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